Many Curriculum Management Systems focus solely on a school’s operational and accreditation needs. These capabilities certainly are important and necessary. You need to know what you’ve taught, and where, in order to minimize gaps and redundancies. You need to know where your educational objectives have been taught and where they have been assessed. Most medical schools today are forced to implement a patchwork of systems in an attempt to meet their curriculum management needs. This means students and faculty must face multiple websites, different login credentials, and awkward workflows. Administrators and Deans must handle multiple data sources with no way to get an integrated view of outcomes, the curriculum, and the school.

What if your curriculum management system could do more?

With OpalQM, you get one integrated solution that provides students and faculty with streamlined workflows and provides administrators and Deans with integrated reports. OpalQM is intuitive and easy to use, thereby speeding adoption and ensuring success of your educational renewal programs.


OpalQM takes all the tools you need and integrates them into a single, streamlined user experience. OpalQM combines:

  • Individualized Calendars: Students and faculty see their own unique calendar. If an event changes, the user’s calendar updates immediately.
  • Curriculum Explorer: Users can search or browse the curriculum in an easy, intuitive interface, allowing them to review what’s been taught and where.
  • Learning Objectives Explorer: From the high level objectives of a medical education program to session objectives, you can ensure all three types of objectives are linked as they should be in a strong educational program. It is a map of what is taught within your program.
  • Learning Materials: Learning materials are linked to the curriculum, but they can also be browsed or searched independently, providing easy access to their knowledge base.
  • Reporting: OpalQM’s reporting module provide integrated and flexible access to your school’s data.
  • Clinical Evaluations and Logbooks: OpalQM’s clinical tools are an integral part of the OpalQM workflow, allowing users to seamlessly move between their calendars and their tasks.
  • Exam management Integration: OpalQM is tightly integrated with an exam management tool to allow exams and quizzes to be directly associated with individuals, events, and objectives.
  • Custom In-House Integration: Only OpalQM’s “Custom Off-the-Shelf” model allows tight integration with your unique, in-house systems and tools.

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